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Why You Should Tint

Regardless of the application – auto, residential, commercial, marine – there is a film that will provide: lower heat, reduced fading, skin protection, reduced glare, energy savings, increased safety, enhanced appearance.

We proudly use high quality window films, manufactured in the US, with factory backed warranties depending on applications. 

Tint Anchor


Automotive / Marine
Types of Films
  • dyed:  non-reflective, universal black, non-conductive, compatible with GPS and cellular


  • metalized:  exceptional heat rejection, long lasting performance, blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, scratch resistant


  • ceramic:  maximum solar heat /  infrared ray rejection, compatible with GPS and radio signal devices


For more information:
Available Tint Shades
Residential / Commercial Buildings
Available Tint Shades
Types of Uses


  • crime deterrent / holds glass together when broken

  • protects against graffiti, etching, and keying vandalism

  • bomb blast protection

  • reduce health risks

  • protect your furnishings and flooring from fading

  • cooler, more comfortable household, reducing energy costs

  • reduce blinding sun glare in your home or office

  • blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays


We use vinyl from the top vendors in the market including 3m, Avery-Dennison, Arlon, and Hexis vehicle wrapping films. Whether you are looking for a color change wrap or advertising, we can create a custom desired look for your transportation or toys.  

Vinyl Anchor
Custom Wraps
  • Vehicle wraps protect the factory finish while allowing you to create a custom look.


  • You can choose from a simple color change from hundreds of colors and finishes to a custom design  for your ride - anything from airplanes to zambonies.  Make it unique, make it yours.

Paint Protection
  • Hate those dings, swirls and scratches but love the color of your car? We have the highest quality clear and non-yellowing paint protection available.


  • We do the entire car or just the areas you want.

  • We have options ranging from simple signs and t-shirts to designing unique storefronts or custom wraps for your vehicles, equipment, or trailers. 

Headlight, Tail Light, Fog Light Protection

Make your vehicle as unique as the person driving it. Lamin-X is a quality film for headlight, fog light and taillight coloring and protection with a glossy finish, 12 to 40 mils thick for looks and protection.

Lamin-X Anchor
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